What Does Scarlet Lady Smell Like? (VIDEO)

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There are many questions in life that we may never answer, but thanks to a new scent from Virgin Voyages, we now know exactly what Scarlet Lady will smell like. The cruise line’s first ship, debuting in just a few months, will have a signature scent called Ship No. 1 which guests can enjoy on board, or purchase their own where all net-proceeds will be donated to ocean conservation non-profit foundation Oceans Unite. 

Ship No. 1 

Virgin enlisted the help of Air Aroma, a company that bills itself as a “scent marketing” operation which helps create custom fragrances for a number of high-end hospitality and consumer brands. Our sense of smell is one of the most powerful of our senses as its uniquely tied to memory and emotion. A scent can make you feel a certain way and in the case of Ship No. 1, that memory will be your time on board Virgin Voyages. 

In a press release this morning, the cruise line described exactly what Ship No. 1 will smell like. 

Created by Air Aroma, Ship No. 1 embraces the marine and aromatic freshness of sea lavender, contrasted with the warmth of sun-kissed wood from a fig tree. Transport yourself into a vacation mindset all year long with the signature smell of the sea, salt in the air and sun on your skin feeling that is evoked by this new fragrance.  

For $50, guests can purchase 100ml bottle of the scent and all the profits will benefit Ocean Unite, a conservation organization dedicated to protecting our seas and oceans by the year 2030.

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While we’re excited to give it a smell, the press release came with a few black and white photos and a video that just scream “holiday fragrance ad”. Check them out below. 

Do you have any ideas for what Ship No. 2 should smell like? Perhaps lilac and sandalwood? Lemongrass and mulberry?  Send us your ideas, real or otherwise in the comments below!

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