Mangia, Mangia on <i>Costa Smeralda</i>

Mangia, Mangia on Costa Smeralda

Steve Leland - October 28, 2021

Taste of Italy: The Best Italian Restaurants at Sea

With so many ships built in the country, it makes sense that cruise lines would know their way around the cucina.

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Every year, Porthole Cruise and Travel Magazine asks its most-trusted sources — you, the readers — to vote for the best cruise offerings in our Readers’ Choice Awards. And as much as we love crowning the winners in each category, we love gleaming other intel from the big picture that readers paint for us. In 2020, one of the more surprising takeaways was how much readers love the Italian offerings at sea.

Of the Top 10 Best Specialty Restaurants, four of your favorites were focused on Italian cuisine: Princess Cruises’ Sabatini’s, Disney’s Palo, Carnival’s Cucina Del Capitano, and Viking’s Manfredi’s. Clearly, cruise ships know how to offer the best of Italy … and that’s not even counting the cappuccinos that kick-start each day or the Midnight Buffet pizza slices that satisfy every late-night craving. Cin cin to them all! 

Cucina del Capitano, Carnival Cruise Line

For many, the Italian dining experience is all about, well, the “many” who share in the experience. Cucina del Capitano specializes in famiglia-style serving sizes, offering cruisers the signature favorites they crave in a social atmosphere they’ll love. For dessert, be sure to order everything, of course, but keep the plate of polenta cake with citrus custard cream and lemon sorbet as close as possible. 

The upcoming Mardi Gras ship will feature the largest Cucina del Capitano at sea within its Italian-themed La Piazza Zone, alongside a Bar Della Rosa café and Piazza Panini sandwich shop.

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