See What Awaits Today’s 18- to 21-Year-Old Cruisers

See What Awaits Today’s 18- to 21-Year-Old Cruisers

The Cool Crowd

See what awaits today’s 18- to 21-year-old cruisers.

By Felicity Long

A lot has been written about cruising with kids — after all, cruise lines have some of the best children’s programming in the travel industry. But cruising with the 18- to 21-year-old crowd? Not often a hot topic.

Maybe it’s because the idea of young adults on the high seas conjures up images of spring break bashes with loud, inebriated college-age kids doing belly flops into the pool and partying until the wee hours. Or, at the other extreme, bored older kids who have aged out of the youth programming and are now reduced to hanging out in deck chairs with Mom and Dad, wishing they were elsewhere.

The good news is that the cruise lines have tackled both of these scenarios with age restrictions on alcohol consumption and gambling, coupled with increasingly wow-factor activities that are guaranteed to lure all but the most antisocial young adult passengers into the wonderful world of cruising.

Who Can Cruise?

Think cruise lines are allowing hordes of college kids to travel together unsupervised? Think again.

Carnival Cruise Lines, for example, which has made a name for itself trumpeting its fun factor, is serious about how that fun plays out, beginning at embarkation. All passengers under the age of 21 must sail with an adult at least 25 years of age in the same stateroom….


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Photo: Disney Cruise Line

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