Meet the Man Who Calls a Cruise Ship Home

Morton Jablin lives a simple life. He wakes early, showers, dresses, has breakfast, and begins his day. He enjoys tea in the afternoon and fish for his evening meal. He’s not much different than you and me, with one exception: Morton Jablin lives on a cruise ship.

For the past 15 years, the 96-year-old retiree has called Regent Seven Sea Cruises’ Seven Seas Navigator home.

Jablin isn’t cruising’s only resident. There’s Mama Lee Wachtstetter, author of I May Be Homeless But You Should See My Yacht who has lived on Crystal Serenity the past 10 years. And “Super Mario” Salcedo, who spends most of the year on Freedom of the Seas and the rest on what he calls his “week off” or “vacation week.”

I once spent 100 days living on a ship traveling throughout Europe. Still, I often fantasize what it would be like to trade in my modest Big Apple crib for an even smaller living space on an even longer voyage. When I learned that I would be traveling with Jablin during a recent New England/Canada cruise, I was determined to find the retiree-turned-full-time-cruise-ship-resident. I mean, just imagine being lulled to sleep by the soothing sounds of the ocean and gentle swaying of the ship every night … and being awakened by some exotic location’s sunlight pouring into your cabin each morning?

By Jill Rachel Jacobs

Photos: RSSNavigator

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