Floats My Boat: Love in the Wind

A tall-ship cruise gave us an easy, breezy, beautiful French Polynesia honeymoon.

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Just like a couple of eager kids, we grabbed each other’s hands and carefully stepped barefoot from the soft netting of our catamaran to the smooth metal edge of the bow. The lush, green mountains of Bora Bora were before us, turquoise water below.

At that moment, our newlywed bond intensified. We gleefully jumped into the air together, plunging into the warm, crystal-clear salt water. Then, we did it again. And again. It was joy on repeat, creating beautiful honeymoon memories.

It was my husband’s idea to set sail for our honeymoon. I’m a fast-paced 37-year-old with a very Type A personality. I needed adventure, and I didn’t think a cruise would satisfy that need. But my husband, who had done a cruise vacation before, offered up a 7-day cruise through French Polynesia with such enthusiasm that I felt compelled to reconsider.

The 338-passenger Paul Gauguin had what we were looking for: an all-inclusive experience in a tropical, remote destination, where we could relax in paradise.

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By Kristin Volk

Photo: Paul Gauguin Cruises

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