Do YOU download CRUISE APPS? Disney Navigator App Review

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Where do you get the best WIFI? Not at sea… or is that now becoming a myth? As cruise lines get more digital savvy, they are making some great headway in improving guest service and overall experience through…none-other than cruise APPS!

Our team recently went on Disney Cruise Line’s ship, the Disney Fantasy! As soon as we got onboard, we were overly impressed with the Disney Navigator App, and here is why:

Disney Navigator App

Disney Navigator App

1) It’s free and you don’t need wifi to access all the features. Works on guest wifi, so you don’t need an internet package to use. Simply download the app….turn your phone on airplane mode…and sign on as a guest. It syncs and works in no time!

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2) The best part about a Disney cruise (in our opinion) is meeting all the Disney characters! The app keeps track of the characters onboard, so you don’t miss an autograph, or selfie.

3) The days of carrying around the paper daily cruise program is coming to an end. We really enjoyed that we could view my itinerary through the navigator app, and see a rundown of all cruise activities.

Another plus, is that you can create a personalized itinerary within the app so you don’t miss out on events that you want to join.

4) Okay maybe this is the best part. We didn’t have an issue with getting lost on the ship BUT cruise lines helped plenty of guests that did! And most common… guests would lose each other. The Disney Navigator app comes with a messaging system to help you communicate with others onboard. And yes, this is still without having to purchase the wifi package!

The app also comes with detailed maps and deck plans that help you get from one place to another… and it comes WITH DIRECTIONS! So now you know, next time you sail Disney Cruise Lines. Get the app!

Let us know your comments!