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Reporting crime on cruise ships

Billy Zane; not an actual criminal
For consumers, information is a good thing. When it comes to being able to look up any crimes that occur on cruise ships, some would argue information has been lacking.

Soon, any reports of crime on any ship around the world will be published by the top three cruise companies - Carnival Corp., Royal Caribbean and Norwegian - for all their brands, on their websites.

Some consumers may be surprised to see the numbers – cruise officials say the occurrence of crime on ships is way below what you'd find at, say, a resort on land.

Adam Goldstein, Royal Caribbean's president and CEO, outlined the cruise lines' new reporting plan this week at a hearing of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation in Washington.

To be clear, the cruise line's plan is preemptive.

Senator Jay Rockefeller (D-WV) also introduced new legislation this week that would require the disclosure of cruise line crime data – and create an advocate for cruise crime victims at the Department of Transportation.

Sen. Jay Rockefeller
Rockefeller has said he wants consumers to know all potential risks before they get on a ship.

Currently, the U.S. Coast Guard publishes any cases on cruise ships that are investigated by the FBI and closed.

Cruise lines are required under the Cruise Vessel Safety & Security Act of 2010 to link to the report on their websites.

Goldstein said beginning August 1, the major cruise lines will post a link to all alleged crimes on cruise ships, going back to the third quarter of 2010.

That's a lot more information than in the past. If nothing else, it may make interesting reading. Or maybe not – we're talking "alleged," so there may be quite a bit of minutia.

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Avatar  RobBar 9 months ago

Interesting though if the crime is 'alleged' then it implies a person has not been found guilty nor the crime itself as described. My worry depending on how presented is persons on cruise forums or social media posting and making unfair observations to the cruise line or the parties involved .
A statistical count might be more better presented, my muse

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