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Travel Writers, Editors, and Experts Share Their Best Cruise Tips

  • Buy a cruise within your budget. It’s very disappointing to overspend on your accommodations and have to pass on that coveted shore excursion, forgo a much-anticipated souvenir, or keep count of how many drinks you’ve consumed. If an inside cabin means you’ll be able to take the plunge on the world’s longest zip line in Icy Strait Point or have an amazing dinner at the Chef’s Table, it’s worth it to not have to count pennies for the entire cruise. — Sherry Kennedy, Cruise and Travel Writer, Cruise Maven
  • “Prepay as much as you can before you go such as shore excursions, gratuities, specialty dining, and drink packages. You won't believe how much stress it'll relieve come disembarkation day.”

    — Doug Parker, Creator and Host, Cruise Radio
  • “Wake up before sunrise and stroll the open decks. You will feel like you have the ship to yourself and can watch the sunrise and maybe even see your ship sail into the day's port of call. In the evening, walk the open decks again. Enjoy being on a ship at sea. Look at distant islands, the stars, and the moon. Don't miss the best show at sea, which is being put on by mother nature.”

    — John Shallo, Content Editor, Cruise Addicts
  • “After buying your cruise, check pricing again from time to time.
    If a lower price comes along that you qualify for, you should be able to get it.”

    — Chris Owen, Travel Writer,

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